Breakaway Broadcast Processor features applicable to all broadcast mediums:
  • Advanced Distortion Cancelled Clipping back-end yielding unprecedented quality and clarity on any broadcast medium, while keeping up with any other processor loudness-wise.
  • Numerous customizable excellent sounding Factory Presets suitable for any format
  • 6 easy to use controls intelligently adjust internal processing parameters to make dialing in your custom sound easier than ever
    Controls: Final Drive, Range, Power, Speed, Bass Level and Bass Shape
  • Smooth, flexible wideband AGC provides "steady hand on the fader" gain riding up to 36dB
  • Advanced multiband compression and limiting (4, 5, 6 or 7 bands depending on preset) provides excellent consistency
  • Multiband Downward Expanders for cleaning up noisy source material
  • Phase Linear from beginning to end, including multiband and all filters, to maintain waveform fidelity and transient impact. Critical to avoid further damaging modern pre-clipped CDs
  • Selectable phase scrambler which correct assymetry in sharp voices and instruments (such as saxophone) without invalidating the previous statement
  • Selectable phase linear brick-wall high pass filter (Off, 30 Hz, 45 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz)
  • Virtually unlimited number of Breakaway Pipelines (our Virtual Cable driver) for easy interfacing to any software
  • Adaptive Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter, for perfect glitch-free audio
  • DSP effect plug-in support, for loading custom effects directly inside Breakaway FM
  • Highly accurate DPO (digital phosphor) oscilloscope, for monitoring of input and output waveforms
  • Bright, accurate meters for visualizing all aspects of the processing. Includes input overload (clip) warning.
  • Robust audio engine supporting all major sound cards (Wave MME, DirectSound and Kernel Streaming)


FM broadcasting features:
  • 50 and 75us pre-emphasis, and selectable de-emphasis
  • Extremely accurate FM Stereo MPX Encoder (Composite Output)
  • Impeccable peak control - rock solid overshoot-free signal, yet clean, open and LOUD. Perfect Peak control is achieved with L/R baseband clipping only -- no composite clipping is necessary or desirable
  • Impeccable spectrum control and pilot protection - Low pass filter selectable
  • ITU-R SM.1268.1 (also known as Stokkemasker) compliant
  • External RDS pass-through with pilot lock
  • LF Tilt and HF Eq features, separate for L/R and MPX outputs, to allow compensating for Sound Card, STL and transmitter frequency response
  • Built in line-up tone generator for easy calibration using an external oscilloscope


AM broadcasting features:
  • Loud, bright and crystal clear FM-like audio
  • Selectable pre-emphasis and de-emphasis
  • Strict output bandwidth control (5.0, 7.5, 9.0 and 10.0 KHz) to abide government regulations and avoid interference
  • Precise peak control. Asymmetry adjustable from 100 to 150% positive peak modulation.
  • Mono or Stereo (C-Quam compatible, -75 / +110% asymmetry)
  • Selectable Input and Output polarity
  • LF Tilt and HF Eq features, to allow compensating for Sound Card, STL and transmitter frequency response
  • Built in line-up tone generator for easy calibration using an external oscilloscope

Streaming / Digital

Streaming / Digital Radio features:
  • Unprecedented distortion-free loudness for all forms of digital broadcasting
  • 15us/25us pre/de-emphasis compensates for codec overshoots to allow driving most codecs at 0dB full scale - no attenuation necessary
  • Selectable output bandwidth 5.0 - 16.0 KHz to optimize audio quality with any codec at any bitrate
  • Clipper does not add out-of-band content, thus there is no need for pre-coding optimization band-aids
  • DSP Plug-in support to safely and directly load Shoutcasttm and other encoders directly inside Breakaway FM.
  • Robust audio engine: Plug-ins are quarantined, and if one crashes they will be restarted instead of taking your station off the air